ChrisDiving, Dive Center SSI & PADI in Playa Potrero

ChrisDiving, SSI dive center in Playa Potrero / Tamarindo / Playa Coco

ChrisDiving is your SSI Dive Center with SSI & PADI certified instructors. You can continue your training there, learn to dive and take advantage of the guided dives that are offered to you. Some dives will be reserved for divers who already have a confirmed level.

SSI or PADI courses from 10 years old. Scuba diving by boat on the Catalinas Islands for unforgettable dives and Bat Island for Bulldog sharks (For experienced divers or to spend your advanced there).

Organization of diving holidays.

Recreational diving training and for the more advanced we offer training in technical diving with SSI or PADI Tec Rec, sidemount, scooter...

Don't wait any longer put your first fin in the water, and let's go blow some bubbles...


Discover a new way to dive with Ocean Reef full face masks.

Scooter Diving Course so you can explore further!

SSI Decompression Course, start to add a tank and time! For recreational diver!

Sidemount Course, when one tank is not enough!

PADI Tec Rec Course to explore deeper!

Push your limits with ChrisDiving!


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ChrisDiving on SSI

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Dives in the Catalinas Islands, for beginners or advanced.

You are a confirmed diver or a beginner, come and dive in the Catalinas Islands.

Discover Scuba Diving, Fun Dive or SSI or PADI diving certification, choose the experience that suits you:


Islas catalinas 1

Come enjoy the incredibly diverse wildlife at the Catalinas Islands.

Whitetip sharks, manta rays, devil rays, stingrays and many more. Twice a year the humpback whales pass by the Catatalinas Islands and we have the chance and the opportunity to observe them.

Raie manta ou giant mobula

Diving trip to the Catalinas Islands, Fun Dive

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Fun Dive

2 unforgettable dives in the middle of white tip sharks thousands of multicolored fish with a bonus, if you'll be lucky the opportunity to observe rays Manta, eagle, devil, stingray...

For certified diver

Fun Dive


Discover Scuba Diving


You have never dived? It's perfect, this experience is made especially for you.
You don't need a certification to learn to dive.
Breathe easy, relax, we take you to discover a magical world!
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Discover Scuba Diving


Open Water Diver certification, with SSI or PADI

Padi open water pool training


Your diver training starts here!

Your training takes place in 3 stages thanks to SSI

  1.     Theory (online, at your own pace)
  2.     Pool practice (one afternoon)
  3.     4 sea dives over two days (in the morning)

Digital SSI (international) certification on your mobile plus a diploma + provision of complete equipment throughout the training, boat trip, drinks and snacks

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Open Water Diver course


Submarine scooter dpv catalinas island

DPV, Underwater Scooter

Thanks to the underwater scooter discover:

More wildlife
Largest area traveled
Increase your time underwater
Stop palming, fly underwater
Be your own superhero!

Fun Dive with DPV (2 dives)190$

Certification with DPV (2 dives + SSI or PADI certification)360$

Last edited: 22/11/2022