Discover scuba diving

Welcome to a new world. The Discover Scuba Diving program opens the doors of the Blue Planet where you will discover an even richer and more exciting environment than what you have dreamed of. No doubt: you will be excited!
What can you expect? First, a lot of fun and a new fascinating experience! The first underwater breaths, the weightlessness, the colors and all that, with a total sense of security in the company of a professional PADI. You will be asking for more!

Diving at sea is done only by good visibility conditions.
2 hours if only swimming pool or minimum half day if pool and sea
Brief theory, basic briefing, diving in the pool or pool and at sea
Know how to swim

In the pool only
$ 60
At sea and in the pool
$ 160
Full equipment
Dicsocver scuba diving certification

Last edited: 22/11/2022